Going East


I'd hoped to leave on Wednesday, but by that afternoon I was unwell, having picked up a stomach bug somehow. I stayed in bed for a few days until I got over the worst of it, and finally got on the road on Sunday evening.

I made it midway into Nevada the first evening. It was a clear and beautiful morning at the Beowawe rest stop:


By the time I reached Park City, Utah, it had started to lightly rain:


Echo Canyon is pretty, no matter what the weather:


The rain continued as I drove into Wyoming:


But it cleared up by the time I hit Sinclair:


I drove until I couldn't keep my eyes open any more and slept fitfully at a rest stop. I woke up to a view of the few remaining trees near Sidney, Nebraska:


It wasn't long before the trees gave way to the open prairie:


The sun was setting as I drove into Illinois:


I arrived at a friend's house around midnight, fell into the guest bed, and was instantly asleep. The next day, after a home-cooked breakfast of French Toast (thanks, Karl), I had a leisurely drive to my destination.

It was about 35 hours of driving time from my home in California to the seller's place in Indiana. I did that over 4 days. The 2300 miles required 6 tanks of diesel ($288), getting me there at 30mpg.

On arrival, I met the charming Jay and Sam, the pair selling the plane. We did the minimal paperwork, exchanged the cashier's check for the balance of the sale, and got right to work.

By the time the sun was going down, we'd pulled both the engine and fuselage out of the barn and put them on the trailer:


We'll finish loading tomorrow...

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