Noel Cragg

What's that instrument in the picture? It's a D/G Melodeon made in the 1980's by Hohner.
What do the buttons do? This diagram has the specifics.
What does it sound like? Try this, this, or this.

For the button-obsessed, check out the many keyboard layouts for accordions, concertinas, and the like.

Oh. Then there's my obsession with the uniform keyboard (also known as the Jankó keyboard or 6-6 keyboard). You want one. You know you do.

I bet you've wondered what would happen if a bunch of high-school-age, white-bread, scandinavian, rock-and-roll-lovin', can't play guitar or bass, musical midwesterners decide that they really need to form a rock and roll band to cover some of their favorite tunes. A few friends and I were wondering the same thing. We were so intrigued by the question, we decided to whip something together as an example of how we think that might sound... Whatever you do, don't try this or this at home!

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